What is Scrum?

Scrum is an agile way to manage a project. It is most commonly used with software development projects but can be applied more widely. Scrum is just one of many agile methodologies.

The Scrum process is most suited to those projects that have uncertain and changing requirements. Scrum promotes progress though a series of time-boxed iterations known as sprints.

At Kulawe we use Scrum to manage all of our projects with considerable success.

Hire one of our Certified ScrumMasters

However, we regularly encounter product development teams that are not preforming to their full potential. To help overcome this problem we have introduced our new Hire a ScrumMaster service.

You can now hire one of our experienced ScrumMasters to help your team adapt to or improve their use of the Scrum process. All of our ScruMasters are certified by the Scrum Alliance as experts in Scrum.