Rid yourself of inefficient, costly, error-prone manual processes from your work flow

We can help you automate today.

Data is almost always the second most valuable asset your company has, after its staff. In many companies, processes evolve from existing procedure, often leaving holes in the workflow of vital operations. Often these holes are plugged with excel spreadsheets, paper forms, manual data entry.

Whilst these temporary solutions work in the short term, they shouldn’t be relied upon in the long term. They are prone to error, are not robust, and do not scale well.

Kulawe can analyse your workflow and create a tailored report of recommendations. We will look at your workflow across the desktop and across any websites you use. Both areas can be atuomated. We typically suggest a combination of off-the-shelf software, bespoke data scripting, and bespoke software and database applications, to augment your existing systems and close these gaps for good: thus fully automating your key processes. Often several solutions varying in predicted costs and coverage will be suggested.

As a further service, Kulawe, can develop, install, test and maintain a range of systems to suit these requirements, and can do so at a competitive rate and timescale unmatched by few other software solution providers.

Once implemented, you’ll find our solution will add other benefits such as accountability, data analytics, and other useful features that your incumbent methods may not be capable of providing.

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