Traffic Management Solutions

Including speed enforcement

Kulawe is now heavily engaged in the design and delivery of complete software solutions for traffic cameras.

Many medium to large sized business have private roads as well as private car parking. It is important to ensure that health and safety is maintained on the roads within company sites. Safe driving and driving below the site speed limits is imperative to ensure an accident free environment.

This is where Kulawe can help. Our new range of products interoperate with ANPR (radar / infrared) cameras to extract and store event data.

This data is gathered into a main database, where meta-data such as date, time, location, speed, and registration are logged. This data can then be interrogated on a daily or weekly basis to ensure all vehicles are abiding to safe speed limits.

In such cases where vehicles have breached speed limits, email alerts can be used to notify facilities manager of the breach and event data can be printed out for disciplinary purposes.

Speed limits can be set on a per-site or per-camera basis, and under-speed events can be stored in addition to over-speed events, so our systems can be used for vehicle tracking, logging and fleet management.


Multiple Site Traffic Management

An exciting complete traffic management solution for owners of medium to large sites where multiple cameras are required, is our MSTM solution. This can even work across multiple sites, gathering data from all cameras into a centralised database.

A multi-user, web-based interface is provided as an access point to the event database. Users can monitor live data as well as retrieve archived data (searching via date or registration numbers, for example.)

Admin users can manage camera locations, set speed cameras, and add and modify basic users.

MSTM can interact with up to 99 cameras across up to 9 sites. Ruggedised cameras and network hardware can be supplied by one of our partner companies, or MSTM can be set-up to integrate with existing camera and network infrastructure. The software has been designed to interoperate with various camera manufacturers, with little customisation. Even multiple camera types is possible with MSTM!

The basic MSTM product is provided on a licensed basis, however, many prospective users require add-on modules, so customisation options are available at extra cost.

Comprehensive maintenance is included within license fees.

The MSTM database and application server resides in “the cloud”, each end-user creates a secure connection to MSTM through the internet using an SSL certificate comprising a 128-bit secure key.

Options also exist to install the MSTM software directly on end-user hardware.

MSTM can interact with site cameras over a secure network, but can also operate through the public internet or even a 3G / 4G public mobile network. In these latter scenarios additional proxy hardware may be required to maintain data integrity from end to end.

Coming soon: a fully working demo of MSTM

Please enquire to Kulawe via email or telephone for further information on our MSTM product.

Kulawe is currently exploring adapting this product to the rail industry.


Offence Image Collection System

Our single camera solution is tailored to small to medium sites where there is only one road in and out of the facility, or one area of concern, for example, roadworks, where accidents are likely, or speed enforcement is a must.

The OICS software is installed on a laptop and this laptop connects directly to the camera for image event extraction. Once complete this laptop can be returned to the office for event data to be examined at leisure. All events can be itemised and archived ad infitum.

One of our OICS systems has been sold into the UK oil industry

Please enquire to Kulawe via email or telephone for further information on our OICS product.

Kulawe is currently exploring opportunities within the rail industry, where speed enforcement of locomotives is important at temporary sites such as railworks.